# Devices and Appliances

The following chapters describe ideas for actual implementation of devices or the nanogrid controller.

# Grid controller power stage

The following image shows the implementation of the DC/DC power stage that could be integrated in a device connected directly to the grid.

Grid controller DC/DC power stage

Grid switching and current measurement should be implemented on the high-side in order to provide a consistent ground path.

# Node types

# Solar Home System (SHS)

  • Retrofit to existing SHS
  • Dedicated grid-connected household
    • Without battery / PoL converter
    • With small battery as buffer (easier control)

# Battery

Ideally 12 V or 24 V batteries to remain below the grid voltage and allow use of simple synchronous buck converters.

# Solar

PV modules can be connected directly to the grid or to a battery acting as a buffer.

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